Tzfat Everywhere

Philosophy: Love your fellow as yourself

Creativity: Where does creation come from? What is it?  Is it imagination?  Knowledge? Wisdom?

Art Focuses: Hope | Jewish Understanding | Tzfat | The Location Here | Unity | Positivity | Diversity | Creation

Reception: Tour, speaking about the philosophy, the essence of creativity, art focuses, with featured speakers

Tzfat in Maynard Exhibition

What: Studio Time | Radio Appearance | Art Exhibition | Exhibition Reception. Housed at Maynard Public Library, MA, USA, inspired by Israel's 75th Anniversary!

Information: Tzfat In Maynard flyer

  • Past Studio Time: Join us on Tuesdays 1/31, 2/21 and 3/21/2023, 7-8pm at the Maynard Public Library's Trustees Room.
  • Meet Up with Lisa by Appt: Make art, ask questions, and submit your work and application.  Print our printable heart art making page and make something amazing!  See a sample heart artwork in the before & process and before & product.  Some supplies provided.  Have fun and inspire unity!
  • Radio Appearance: Sunday, May 14, 2023, 8:30-9pm.  Lisa B. Corfman talks with host Mitch Gordon about Tzfat In Maynard on WCUW 91.3FM and streaming live at, Worcester's Shirim (Jewish music) program.
  • Art Exhibition: May 1-31, 2023, at the Maynard Public Library's Roosevelt Room.
  • Exhibition Reception: Join us Thursday May 18, 2023, from 6-8:30pm for a special, one night only program including a panel discussion with outstanding speakers at the Maynard Public Library's Roosevelt Room. Tour the exhibition viewing the art, meeting the artists, and grow with an enthralling panel discussion, all while enjoying REFRESHMENTS!!!

The Team

Director: Lisa B. Corfman

Panelists: Speak with Q&A and conversation.  We will focus on our philosophy "Love your fellow as yourself", the essence of creativity, other focuses, and any other topic that creates a meaningful, positive dialog of Jewish Hope.

  • Rabbi Lewis Mintz, Emeritus (Congregation Beth Elohim of Acton - with Maynard's Jewish history)
  • Rabbi Yisroel Freeman (Sudbury Chabad with Tzfat highlights)
  • Adina Troen-Krasnow (Spiritual artist about creation)

Moderator: Mitch Gordon (mediator, musician, Jewish radio host, and educator)

Open Call: Places for exhibition: Library Wall Exhibition ~ Virtual Exhibition ~ Book Publication ~ Collection Kickstarter Online Sales Campaign 4/17-5/16.

  • Library Wall Exhibition: Must be able and ready to hang.  For example, a painting or book summary in a frame.
  • Virtual Web Gallery: Appear with a webpage on this website (Ex: fine art images, music, videos, etc.)
  • Book Publication:  A highlight of EVERYTHING submitted unless specified otherwise.
  • Collection Kickstarter Online Sales Campaign: Sell your art between 4/17 and 5/16.

Submit this Tzfat In Maynard artwork form by application.  Pieces will be accepted until April 15.  Email applications to Lisa B. Corfman at and arrange to deliver artwork.  Applications submitted before March 31 are given priority.

Submissions should follow our "Creative Focus", address at least one of our "Themes" and work towards our "Goal".  The message is from you.

  • Creative Focus: "Love your fellow as yourself."
  • Themes: Hope ~ Jewish Understanding ~ Tzfat ~ Maynard Spirituality & Beyond ~ Unity ~ Positivity ~ Diversity ~ Creation.
  • Goal: To create a dialog, so individuals of varied opinions can shake hands with a few less acts of antisemitism and a few more acts of loving-kindness.
  • Curator message: A picture is worth 1000 words, and I feel "The power of creation is amazing." - d'ver emet (words of truth).

Work must follow the Maynard Public Library exhibition guidelines.  Please review the Suitability item.

Exhibition Galleries

Gallery Artists: Lisa B. Corfman (Maynard) | Laura Fredericks (Maynard) | Frann Addison (Acton) | Deborah Loverd (Concord)Amy Mimu Rubin (Westford)


  • Artists: Elissa Barr (Northampton) | Cindy Lutz Kornet (Longmeadow) | Debra Strick (Acton) | Kelly Urquhart (Marlborough) | Tamara Safford (Roslindale) | Krista Kazanjian (Watertown) | Adina Troen-Krasnow | André van Meulebrouck | Isaac Cohen.
  • Collections: Debbie & Lloyd Simon's Selection | Faith & Michael's Family | Jewish Hope's Heart Art