Tzfat In Maynard Words & Comments

"You did a wonderful job, Lisa – much hard work!  Love the art." - Amy

"Lovely surprise, interesting & beautiful art.  Thanks!" -Julie

"What a great exhibit!  Mazel tov!!" -Hobbie

"Very lovely!  Saw an email today & didn’t realize the exhibit was here already." -Mari

"Awesome!" -Lauren

"What a beautiful show!" -Anonymous

"So many beautiful images!  I’m so glad I got to see the work of such wonderful, thoughtful artists." -Anonymous

  • "A very stunning and dazzing exhibit.
  • Radiant
  • Vibrant
  • A display of art that radiates our senses!"


"Great job!!!" -Krista

"Lovely show and terrific panel!" -Rob

"Lisa – Love shines from your heart to the world.  We’re honored to be with you and all of the artists in this exhibit." -Iris & Ted

"Lisa – What an amazing show!  The art is so beautiful, and the speakers were awesome.  You have come so far!" -T.

  • "I like the artwork
  • You have got
  • Here to Maynard
  • You brought Tzfat!"

-Mark M

"Thank you for am amazing show!!  I’m running home to get my husband (former Israeli) to come here.  Inspiring work." -Trish

כל כך שמח למצוא את המסר הזה של שלום,  אהבה, ותיקון עולם מגיע למיינרד"- יציק" | Translation: "So very happy to find this message of peace, love, and Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) arriving in Maynard." -Itzik

"Sight after sight, color after color, brushstroke after brushstroke, you take us on a magical and dizzying journey while bringing us together." -Jonathan

"Wonderful art with meaning and spirit." -Nanri

"I love the named beautiful artwork and themes.  Mazel tov on creating such a special exhibit." -Sharon

"Lisa, this is a fabulous, interesting, diverse exhibition.  Really nice!  Congratulations.  Mazel tov!" -David

"Lisa!  You did such a lot of great work and with such love.  It’s a really wonderful exhibit.  And the opening night panel was so magical!  A million thanks!!!" -Laura

"Lisa, beautiful exhibit!  Hopefully, we can bring something similar to Franklin!" -Shari

"What an interesting and varied exhibit.  I am so glad to see it.  I did like your photographs best, followed by Amir’s waters." -Helene

"Interesting exhibit!  It was nice to see while listening to a non-art program." -Debbie S.

"Lisa – Beautiful job, and a lovely variety of mediums – Congratulations!" -Deb L.