We are individuals with a common Jewish heritage engaging in creative endeavors to unify with hope.

With "Jewish Hope", we come together with positive, spiritual creativity to unite!  Come join:

  • Lead a creative affiliate - guide with your artform spiritually,
  • Come to events - creatively and spiritually led,
  • Volunteer - join the board, assist, play a role,
  • Find Judaica - shop,
  • And more!

Realize, an origami crane may be finite matter, but folding contains infinite math.  Thus, we are creators (of most anything tangible) like HaShem!

Boston area based; we welcome local to international audiences as a lay-led community forum.


Unify with positivity via creativity for hope.  Our diverse community will lessen division by connecting with creative and fun hope building activities.


Our vision is to have “Jewish Hope” as we lead, learn, and find spirituality via creation.  By “loving our neighbors as ourselves,” we reach across different denominations and beliefs to bring the Jewish community together and create a connection.  We bring together communities from local to international audiences with artistic gatherings, conversations, and projects virtually and in-person.  As a lay-led, community-based, connection forum, we aim to grow together on a foundation of strength, understanding, and appreciation for one another to bring all things good, creative, and Jewish to the world.  Together we will inspire hope.

Our Mantra

Hatikvah, the hope is within us!


  • To “Love your neighbor as yourself” – Leviticus 19:18
    • "V'ahavtá l're'akhá kamókha" – Va'yikra 19:18 | "ואהבת לרעך כמוך"
  • To unite with a positive, constructive, creative hope for togetherness and strength.
  • To connect across different denominations, beliefs, and other differences.

Project Beginnings

The basic concept of Jewish Hope was conceived on July 14, 2021, at a Gesher 30s and 40s conversation on Israel and Anti-Semitism.  A regular attendee suggested the idea of something that would connect and unify Jewish people.  Lisa B. Corfman felt that was an important concept.  We have many differences, whether religious, spiritual or any other unique quality, yet we share the fact that we are Jewish.  This is where the roots were planted.

With that concept in mind, Corfman began firming out ideas creatively in August 2021, and the project began!

As a Jewish woman, Corfman has many hopes.  In thinking about it through conversations, Corfman realized we all have hope as Jewish individuals.  There is hope in HaShem, the CREATOR.  We realize, we too kindle energy when we add a drop of finite material - we create with purpose.  Corfman searched.  People need a unifying concept.  People stand by people of color with the line “Black Lives Matter.”  There is “Boston Strong.”   So, Corfman titled the forum Jewish Hope or simply JHope.


  • Fun: Family friendly and enjoyable for all ages.
  • Creativity: About ideas, welcoming change, and innovation.
  • Artistic Rendering: About good aesthetics with beautifully done products, setup, and general presentation.
  • Reliability: Time-sensitive, keeping promises involving all parties.
  • Respect: Feeling for the needs of others including privacy, dignity, and sensitivity to our uniqueness.

We act Professional, Positive, and Respectful, working towards togetherness and strength as a community.


Discover opportunities!  Come volunteer, join in our efforts, be on the board and/or be a creative leader.

Email Lisa B. Corfman at Lisa@JewishHope.org with your interest.  Find and email our Volunteer Application.