Creative Meaning

Art can be interpreted in so many ways.  The goal is to make it purposeful for goodness.  Creation is the act.

For purposes here, we encourage work to follow our "Creative Focus", address at least one of our "Themes" and work towards our "Goal".  The message is from you.

  • Creative Focus: "Love your fellow as yourself."
  • Themes: Hope ~ Jewish Understanding ~ Tzfat ~ Our Physical Place & Beyond ~ Unity ~ Positivity ~ Diversity ~ Creation.
  • Goal: To create a dialog, so individuals of varied opinions can shake hands with a few less acts of antisemitism and a few more acts of loving-kindness.
  • Curator message: A picture is worth 1000 words, and I feel "The power of creation is amazing." These are d'ver emet (words of truth) - Lisa B. Corfman

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