Tamara Safford's Gallery

I received a BA degree from Columbia School of General Studies, NY, in literature in 1973.  I studied in Boston, receiving my Fine Art degree from Massachusetts College of Art in 2011.

The original roots of creation are what intrigue me.  I wish to give how my work sees and feels my root derivatives.  Travel to Israel influenced my root within.  Thriving roots that are about the past that influences the future and the presence of both past and future creating a timelessness as they work together to make Peace.

See my Drawings, Photographs and Contact Information!

Drawings and Photographs

  1. Israeli Cafe
    • Medium: Print of Colored Pencil on Embossed Canson Paper
    • Size: 18" by 24"
    • Date: May 2013
    • Artist Statement: In Israel all the world revolves around life in the cafe.
    • Price: $28.
  2. Fig Tree (Top)
    • Medium: Photography
    • Size: 18" by 24"
    • Date: May 2013
    • Artist Statement: Striving and reaching up for life.
    • Price: $35.

Other Photography


Email: tjsafford@gmail.com | Ph: 774-327-8125 | Roslindale, Massachusetts.

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