Reception Team Leaders

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Lisa B. Corfman: Director

Holder of a BFA and an Advanced certificate, origami artist and educator, Lisa B. Corfman is the founder of Origami Place, Origami Museum and Jewish Hope who values her spiritually and loves her aquatic creatures.  Eating fish is a no-no.  Seriously, Lisa feels both the golden rule “Love your fellow as yourself”, and creative dialog are the center of lessening antisemitism and growing loving-kindness.  The Tzfat In Maynard project detailed at, started with permission to exhibit from Jean McGuire (Director at the Maynard Public Library), a grant from the Maynard Cultural Council, her own Jewish Hope, with help from numerous others.  Lisa thanks the community!

Mitch Gordon: Moderator

Mitch Gordon is a professional musician, mediator, conflict resolution specialist, facilitator and founder of Gesher: Building Bridges working with Jewish organizations in leadership transition, conflict, and resource development.  Mitch teaches Spirituality and Sacred Drumming at Hebrew College, has taught it at JTS, and leads or co-leads Shabbat worship in synagogues and chavurot fifty weeks of the year. He is also drummer for many Jewish touring artists such as Josh Warshawsky, Sue Horowtiz, Joe Buchanan, The Shabbat Experience, The Kirtan Rabbi and many others.  Reach him at  Mitch also hosts and produces Shirim, Jewish music radio, Sunday nights 8-10pm at

Rabbi Yisroel Freeman: Panelist

From the Chabad of Sudbury (Speaking about Tzfat, Israel)

Rabbi Yisroel Freeman is the spiritual leader of the Chabad Center of Sudbury, which is a dynamic and rapidly growing Jewish Educational and Spiritual Community Center in Sudbury.

Rabbi Freeman lectures on a range of topics on Jewish History, Talmudic & Bible Study, Kabbalah, Israel and more, which draw a wide and diverse audience from the greater Sudbury area.

In addition to the classes, Rabbi Freeman leads Weekly and Jewish holiday services and provides pastoral care and programming to many of the area senior living facilities, in addition to the youth and teen educational programs which he helps run at the center.

Rabbi Lewis Mintz, Emeritus: Panelist

From Congregation Beth Elohim (Speaking about the Jewish history in Maynard, MA)

Adina Troen-Krasnow: Panelist

Spiritual, professional mosaic artist (Speaking about artistic creation)

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