Marla Richmond's Gallery

Marla Richmond is a quilter, calligrapher and teaches Zentagle. She studies Torah and works with her two special needs sons.

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Quilt Collection

  1. Pearl of a Village
    • Medium: Quilt
    • Size 17" square
    • Date: 2008
    • Artist Statement: This quilt was made in honor of Quilters' Connection's pearl anniversary. Based on Karen Eckmeier's "Happy Villages", it reminds me of the Middle East.
    • Notes: There is a joke in the sky. The colors are all the colors of pearls.
    • Price: NFS.
  2. Winter Blues
    • Medium: Quilt
    • Size: 33.5" by 11"
    • Date: 2017
    • Artist Statement: This is part of a group quilt. We used the same setting and specific colors. We made the background and animals fit our season.
    • Price: NFS.


Westford, Massachusetts.

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