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Gina Tzizik is an artist, Montessori teacher, trainer, educator, and author. In addition, Gina is a frequent lecturer and college instructor.  She is the author of the Pieces of Light Meditation Card Set and the Pieces of Light Journal for Reflection and is Certified in Torah Godly Play. Gina is an advocate for spirituality and mindfulness in education. Gina holds a Master's degree from Hebrew College, Newton, MA, in Jewish Education and a Master's degree from Endicott College, Beverly, MA, in Montessori Education.

The vibrant colors of the ocean inspire her ethereal paintings, as the changing light illuminates clouds, and the natural world surrounding her. They combine stories, dreams, and the study of words that create her inner world. Her paintings connect her diverse interest in history and a deep connection to spiritual life.

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Art Collection

  1. Pieces of Light
    • Medium: Watercolor & Ink - Giclee Print
    • Size: 11" by 14"
    • Date: 2021
    • Artist Statement: The Divine Light merges with each one of us in unique ways. This painting is a visualization of the interchange of energy and light. We are interconnected in love.
    • Price: $300.
  2. Chockmah - Wisdom
    • Medium on Canvas
    • Size: 16" by 20"
    • Date: 2023
    • Artist Statement: This painting imagines the moment you know your path, purpose, and direction. It is the seamless golden thread that connects our lives. The colors represent rebirth and creation. The dots in the painting represent wisdom, hope, and dreams; and the stars are the unseen forces of the universe that guide us to be who we are.
    • Meaning: Chochmah is the beginning of ideas and information, the inspiration that comes to us from an unknown place. We often can’t pinpoint how we were inspired or where the idea originates. It is the limitless potential of the Divine. The energy that is within us is a place of reflection and knowledge.
    • Price: $360.
  3. Chesed - Loving Kindness
    • Medium: Tile
    • Size: 5" by 7"
    • Date: 2021
    • Artist Statement: The two people are cradling a heart. They represent our role as guardians of love, kindness, and compassion. The prominent color of green represents life, growth, and creation. The stars on the clothing symbolize the stars in the sky, bridging the spiritual and physical world through our love and compassion kindness.
    • Credits: The small dots in the sky represent prayers, words, and love of the universe. Chesed is a Hebrew word encompassing the meaning and expression of Loving-Kindness or Pure-Kindness. It is the full expression of selfless giving from the heart and the reflection of Eternal Divine Love. Chesed expresses our uniqueness, fully understood when we are genuinely ourselves. Chesed is action from a heart of goodness, compassion, and a spirit of giving (without getting anything in return.) Chesed is living in the heart of generosity.
    • Price: $56.
  4. Keter
    • Medium: Tile
    • Size: 8" by 12"
    • Date: 2021
    • Artist Statement: The creative energy of the universe is represented in this painting as energy within and around us. The universe is creative, potential, and full of light. We are not separated from the Light; it is our very essence. Our purpose is to find it and reveal it in ordinary ways. The colors of creation and birth are blues and greens in my art. The symbolism of the stars is the connection to the cosmos because we are intertwined and one with God.
    • Meaning: Keter is the very beginning, the expression of God in our universe.  It is the revelation and unfolding of the Divine Light and Energy, the force of the cosmos that fills our world and beckons us to elevate our vibration and energy. Keter is the whisper of God in our hearts, minds, and the entire expanse of time and space.
    • Price: $65.
  5. Pieces of Light Meditation Cards
    • Medium: Laminated Cards
    • Size: 5" by 7"
    • Meaning: The Pieces of Light Card Set introduces the beauty and meaning hidden within the light of the words of the Kabbalah. It creates a framework for the inner work that helps us connect to the Divine Energy.  The cards focus on specific words that express universal values we can embrace and infuse into our everyday life. The words in this set are connectors to the hidden light of Kabbalah to help your mind and heart come alive with ideas.
    • Price $36.



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