Frann Addison's Gallery

Frann Addison creates one-of-a-kind and limited edition Judaica in pewter, brass, & copper, often incorporating antique elements and found objects. Her work is featured in 12 books and is in the permanent collections of the American Museum of Jewish History, Philadelphia, the Mizel Museum, Denver, and the Oregon Jewish Museum in Portland.

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Frann Addison Judaica

  1. “Repair the World” Tzedakah (charity) Box
    • Medium: Pewter, Painted Tin
    • Date: 2022
    • Artist Statement: Tikkun Olam (“Repair the World”), is an important 5.part of Judaism ~ to do something with the world that will not only fix any damage, but also improve upon it.
    • Notes: Place your spare change into the opening behind the colorful globe, and think of your monies as going directly into helping the Earth and all who live on it. We are all guardians of the Earth, and must do our part to sustain it.
    • Price: Made to Order.
  2. Charity Begins at Home Tzedakah Box“Repair the World” Tzedakah (charity) Box
    • Medium: pewter, brass, copper, ceramic
    • Size: 4 1/2"h by 5 1.8w by 4 1/2"d
    • Artist Statement:
      • One of the basic principles of Jewish life is charitable giving and behavior.  Learning to be charitable, learning to be a righteous person, to act justly, take care of one's family, and to help others, begins in the home. (Hopefully!)
      • A Tree of Life and the Hebrew word, "Tzedakah", are hand pierced from the curving high polished pewter, and serve as a backdrop for the house in the front.  A small embossed dome on its top, lifts off to empty the donations
    • Price: $695 (One-of-a-kind)