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Elissa Barr has studied calligraphy with Reggie Ezell, Ward Dunham, Randy Hasson, Charles Pearce, Nancy Culmone, and many other noted calligraphers since receiving her B.A. from Simmons College in Natural Science Illustration. Her artwork utilizes Judaic and Social Justice themes, and ranges from historically accurate letterforms to calligraphic abstracts. She has exhibited at numerous locations including the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Newbury College, Bentley College, Hebrew College, and Broadmoor Audubon Sanctuary. Elissa is the co-founder of the Masscribes calligraphy organization, was Operations Manager of the international conference “2001: A Calligraphic Odyssey,” co-director of Odyssey 2010, and is President of the Dancing Letters Scholarship Fund. She is also an avid collector of small pieces of paper, which she patiently stacks in precarious piles throughout her otherwise immaculate studio. One wonders what she might someday do with them.

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Hand Lettering, Art, and Design Collection

  1. Kosovo
    • Medium: Paste Paper and Ink
    • Size: 25"w by 31"h
    • Date: 1999
    • Artist Statement: Is there a better way then war? This piece was created during the Kosovo war but is applicable to war in Ukraine.
    • Price: NFS.
  2. I Danced #2
    • Medium: Acrylic and Gouache
    • Size: 25.5"w by 19"h
    • Date: 1997
    • Price: NFS (Giclee available upon request).
  3. Hope #1
    • Medium: Giclee Print, Acrylic and Gouache
    • Size: 17" by 17"
    • Date: Around 2000
    • Artist Statement: I tried to create a piece that felt like feathers.
    • Credits: Text by Emily Dickinson
    • Price: $250.
  4. Grant Peace
    • Size: 26"w by 20"h
    • Date: 1990s
    • Artist Statement: This is a prayer for peace.
    • Price: $400.

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Web: ElissaBarr.com.

Email: info@elissabarr.com | Ph: 617-752-1736 | Northampton, Massachusetts.

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