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I am a member of AGJA, Jewish Art Salon (JAS), and Manhattan Healing Arts.  I taught art K -8 at Lya in Longmeadow MA. I have been to Tzfat and of course loved it.

My art represents the way I see and feel in the physical world. I employ mixed media techniques including encaustic, inks, collage,and calligraphy. I teach the creative process as a healing vehicle and roadmap for healthy expression. My objective is to create art that is hopeful, uplifting, inspires courage and even Joy. It is my deep desire to help bridge the gap from human condition on earth to a spiritual place in the higher realms.

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Mixed Media Collection

  1. Be Compassionate Love thy Neighbor
    • Medium: Mixed Media Acrylic
    • Date: March 2023.
  2. Tzedek Box
    • Medium: Mixed Media
    • Size: 9" cube
    • Date: 2022
    • Price: $200.
  3. Alef Beit Poster
    • Medium: Mixed Media
    • Size: 20" by 26"
    • Date: 2019
    • Artist Statement: This is a composite of 23 different individual paintings All have been donated to Temple Beth El in Springfield, MA in memory of my beautiful parents Arthur and Phyllis Lutz.
    • Price: $50.
  4. Torah as a Roadmap for Life
    • Medium: Mixed Media
    • Size: 24" by 36"
    • Date: 2021
    • Price: $400.
  5. Ahava
    • Medium: Mixed Media
    • Size: 9" by 12" matted
    • Artist Statement: We are all blessed from above with the teachings of compassion, love and acceptance.
    • Price: $100.

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