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My father taught me origami when I was 4; as a way to get me to sit still and focus. (Did it work? =:0) Later in life, when building a computer, I had an epiphany: origami had prepared me for a future I couldn't see from where I sat, before the advent of home computers. I decided I still had lessons to learn from it; like patience. So, I took it up again and plan to stay with it for life.

Separately, I enjoyed my trip to Israel and love Hebrew and the Holy Land.

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Origami Collection

  1. By: André van Meulebrouck (after Max Hulme) | Eclectic Pixel Unit Box with Attached Lid
    • Medium: Origami with gift wrapping paper, scrap pixels
    • Size: ~3.5" squared
    • Date: Prior to 2017
    • Artist Statement: Origami gift boxes are just right: not enough to make someone feel uncomfortable, just enough to say "I appreciate you".
    • Credits: This box was designed based on a picture of a box created by Max Hulme that was never diagrammed. It uses obvious idioms found throughout Max's models.
    • Notes: Often I have used pixel units from building and dismantling experimental models. I use these for prototyping. This box was created from a mix of old and new; hence a form of pixel unit recycling (much like life itself).