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I was blessed to be born on April 27, 1945, in a safe place in a dangerous time.  My personal life is blessed with my marriage, my children and their children and family from my son's second marriage. Professionally, I have owned galleries, written and published an adult novel, owned a preschool, owned a toy store and international toy import business with my husband, and I have devoted myself to working with textiles, stitch, embroidery and learning more in this field and working in it everyday. I invite you to join me.

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Embroider, Paint, Felt, and Stitch Art Collection

  1. Walking The Path of Peace, Love, Joy and Understanding
    • Medium: Painter Textile Embroidery
    • Size 11x14 inches
    • Date: 8/2022-3/2023
    • Artist Statement: This piece for me is a prayer for all of us, that we find ourselves on this path.
    • Price: $300
  2. Tikkum Olam
    • Medium: Weaving & Mixed Media
    • Size: 11x14 inches
    • Date: 2021-2023
    • Artist Statement: Tikkun Olam is an idea that is a miracle. It is the hope of the world and our continuance together as we continuously try to enact its meaning, repairing the world.
    • Price: $250
  3. Touch a Rock, Touch a Fossil
    • Medium: Mixed Media & Writing
    • Size: 11x14 inches
    • Date: 2021-2023
    • Artist Statement: This piece is a gathering of work assembled together as illustration of the poem by the same name as the piece. The text of the poem appears beside it.
    • Price: $250
  4. Touch a Rock Poem
    • Medium: Text
    • Size: 5x7 inches
    • Date: 2022
    • Artist Statement: This is text of poem by Amy Rubin illustrating art piece, Touch A Rock
    • Price: $20



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