Adina Troen-Krasnow's Gallery

Adina is a mixed media artist as well as a registered art therapist. Having earned her BFA from Columbus College of Art & Design, her Clinical Masters in Art Therapy from Harding and an MA in Expressive Therapy from Lesley University she has been in practice for over 30 years.

Today she both creates and teaches mosaic art from her studio in Needham, MA, Flying Colors Mosaics at The Gorse Mill Studios.

Her style is primarily abstract. She allows the media to speak through her, using color, texture and shapes. Along with using traditional ceramic and glass tiles, she integrates shells, rocks, and numerous other found objects. She doesn't see broken objects as trash, but as opportunities for new creations. She will sometimes use a broken ceramic pot as a substrate or break it into smaller pieces and use them as tiles.  She often finds herself as the recipient of broken ceramic and glass pieces from other artists in her collaborative. And, she is always too happy to start with the challenge of how to help her students as well as herself recycle trash into art.

During the summer, Adina is the director of a ceramic studio in a camp in Westwood, MA, where you will find her teaching children how to hand build, wheel throw and make mosaic art out of their broken pieces.

Currently she has her artwork hanging in the Switch Gallery, and in Boston City Hall.

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Mosaic & Painting Art Collection

  1. Hello Beautiful
    • Medium: Painted Mirror
    • Size: 12" circle.
    • Price: $350
  2. Look At Me
    • Medium: Mosaic Mirror
    • Size: 20" by 24"
    • Price: $1900
  3. Enjoy the Journey
    • Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
    • Size: 10" by 19"
    • Price: $390
  4. The Waters of Israel
    • Medium: Mosaics
    • Size" 12" circle.
    • Price: $550



Natick, Massachusetts.

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